Joanne Eve on How To Make Stronger Decisions

In this Coaching Hub video, life coach Joanne Eve helps you to make stronger decisions. First take your time, do some fact finding (don't always listen to other's opinions), write down the pros' and cons and perhaps the most important thing, trust your intuition! Watch and be empowered!

10 Strategies To Help You Tweet Like A Social Media Rockstar, by Jennifer Corcoran

One of our #connecttoher members, Jennifer Corcoran of My Super Connector, shares her wisdom about all things Twitter! Becoming a social media rockstar doesn’t just “happen”; you need to really work at it. But if you fancy a bit of a shortcut, there are some simple things you can do to accelerate your rise to...

Asking For More Money At Work by Joanne Eve

The second video in our Coaching Hub series by Joanne Eve focuses on asking for more money at work. It's often a difficult path to tread and one that people don't often have the confidence to follow. Asking for and receiving more money at work is really a simple equation. Add enough value to your...

Too Busy To Market Your Small Business? Here Are 6 Tips To Get Some Focus…

By Karan Hopper, Kameleon Marketing - Marketing Consultant for small businesses.   As a female small business owner, fighting to make a difference and grow your business (whilst probably juggling husbands, partners, kids and a ton of housework) undoubtedly marketing features fairly high on your list of priorities. But, with time a precious commodity for us...

Cultivating Confidence by Joanne Eve

As part of our Coaching Hub and the first in a series of life coaching videos produced exclusively for Genderbuzz and #connecttoher members, Joanne Eve discusses "cultivating confidence". Watch it now and get confident!