How Empiric recruitment are getting Girls into Tech


Who is the company behind ‘Next Tech Girls’?

‘Next Tech Girls’ is the brainchild of Recruiter Empiric, and was set up with the key objective of getting girls interested in working in the booming UK Tech sector by giving them meaningful work experience.

Empiric has always been passionate about diversity and inclusion and by embracing D&I from its earliest days, they have been able to build a talented team based on bringing together people from a range of different backgrounds, in order to draw upon all of their experiences and insights. As a result, diversity has become ingrained within Empiric and is not simply an additional focus.

What was the idea behind Next Tech Girls?

Next Tech Girls sprang into life in late 2015, with the initiative launching fully in January 2016. The idea behind the programme is simple – to inspire girls to consider careers in Technology, and to create a talent pipeline that increases the number of women working in tech in the future.

We do this by helping young girls who are still in school to secure meaningful technology work experience with companies, and offer them a real insight into the exciting opportunities that exist in the industry. Despite the programme being in its relative infancy, Empiric has already had a huge amount of positive feedback about the initiative. This has come from a range of different sources – the girls themselves, their parents, school teachers, the companies offering work experience and also people working in the tech industry.

Modern attitudes call for modern workplaces

Candidates and clients want to work with a business that truly reflects modern attitudes towards equality and fairness. Empiric has demonstrated this in spades. Starting out in 2005, the firm has won a plethora of respected industry awards, including Sunday Times Best 100 Companies to work for and the APSCo Diversity and Inclusion Award for Excellence. Alongside this, the company has partnered other diversity champions such as Stonewall and Trans*formation while one of the Empiric’s founders is also part of the Steering Committee for ‘Women in Recruitment’.

However, far from merely focusing on its own internal processes and attitudes towards diversity, the company also works hard to make a positive impact on the wider industry and society in general.

Getting Girls into Tech – Women make up just 17% of the UK’s Tech workforce

Empiric encourages its clients to fully embrace the benefits that greater diversity and inclusion can bring. It is this attitude towards greater diversity that led to the creation of Next Tech Girls, as it became increasingly apparent that there was a glaring disparity between the number of men and women working in technology. The vast majority of the UK’s Tech workforce is male, with women making up just 17% of the sector’s employees. This isn’t good for anyone, as it creates a stagnant and inward-looking industry, while also threatening the future strength of the entire Tech arena. It is thought that there will be capacity for one million extra technology jobs by 2020, but there won’t be enough skilled professionals to fill them and meet this demand.

As far as Empiric is concerned, this is only the beginning and they are right at the start of this journey. In the next part they will go into greater detail about what they’ve managed to achieve so far, and what lies ahead for both Next Tech Girls and Empiric…

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