Saturday, June 24, 2017


How images shape your ideas about gender

Whether you like it or not, images shape your ideas about gender Images shape your ideas about gender; just try doing a Google image search on 'masculine' and 'feminine'. The image results are strikingly different, reflecting society’s perception of gender. We’re all influenced by a wide variety of factors: family, school, peer groups and of course...

The Pink Premium for beauty products

Pink premium
Could this be the beginning of the end for the 'Pink Premium' for 'female' products as Boots the chemist agrees to equal prices for personal care products? Stevie Wise, from London started a petition on addressed to Boot's CEO Simon Roberts urging Boots 'lead the way by announcing a review of their pricing of...

How did our world become separated into Pink and Blue?

pink bluevideo
How did our world become separated into Pink and Blue and even grey and gold? Click on this video to find out..

Words create our world

gender language
*Blog originally Published 29/09/2015 Today the Huffington post published an article about sexist language in the playground with the tagline Sexist Remarks Should be as unacceptable as racism or homophobia. In a recent blogpost on my website I also looked at the gendered language we use (often casually) in our everyday working lives to describe...

Genderbuzz on High Heels!

high heelsvideo
Why should women wear high heels at work?

We like Sport not Sparkles 🏆

Women's sport - if like us you are ❤️ ing it at Rio 2016, you may also have noticed something that you are not ❤️ ing and that is how often TV commentators refer to women's LOOKS not athleticism. Yesterday we were watching the amazing group final of the women's gymnastics and as Japanese...

Living Powerfully Is Your Game-Changer by Natasha Stromberg

I don’t know about you, but I think the word POWER has got an image problem. When you hear the word, do you think of sharp suited men and women in steel and glass boardrooms, strutting around and shouting at each other? Well you're not alone, because for many people THIS is their predominant...

Why Being Authentic Is Your Secret To Success

Authentic has been a buzzword in business over the last 12 months, but what does it actually mean? When I checked the dictionary definition words such as ‘genuineness’, ‘realness’ and ‘truthfulness’ appeared– so far, so straightforward. However, as a coach, my own definition of goes further than that and I define authentic as ‘behaving...

Who was Rosie the Riveter?

Rosie the Riveter
How did a woman who became known as “Rosie the Riveter,” wearing a red-spotted headscarf and blue denim work shirt, declaring “We Can Do It!” become a feminist icon for generations of American women? Today she has a museum named after her - the Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front National Historical Park, in Richmond, California,...

Why Women Must Claim Their Own Success by Natasha Stromberg

women success
There’s a weird trend going on at the Rio 2016 Olympics, namely women not getting credit for their OWN success. First, we had world champion gymnast and winner of THREE gold medals Simone Biles, referred to as ‘The female Michael Phelps’, then we had FOUR TIME USA swimming gold medalist Katie Ledecky referred to...

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