Embrace your inner heroine & start living powerfully

I don’t know about you, but I think the word POWER has got an image problem. When you hear the word, do you think of sharp suited men and women in steel and glass boardrooms, strutting around and shouting at each other? Well you’re not alone, because for many people THIS is their predominant image of POWER and clichéd though it may be, it is a big TURN-OFF for aspiring to be POWERFUL.

I believe this negative association with the word is particularly true for women who can reject the idea of living in a powerful way and as a result miss out on the professional, emotional and economic benefits that living powerfully can bring. Here at Genderbuzz, we have our own idea of what POWERFUL means and our Smart Woman Inc. program coaches you through powerful behaviours. But today I am going to share just a few tips to help you start embracing and practicing a different kind of PERSONAL POWER.

1. Power has nothing to do with authority and EVERYTHING to do with integrity

The source of real power doesn’t come from you telling other people what to do, but from identifying and using something fundamental at the core of your being. It comes from you being sure of WHAT you believe in and acting upon your beliefs. When you do this, you build an unshakeable feeling that you are totally at one with yourself which stops you wasting valuable energy ‘covering’ up your power. The flip side of NOT behaving in this way leaves you feeling depleted, vulnerable, exhausted and stressed. To avoid this – ‘Walk your authentic Walk’ and keep your Power DIALLED-UP .

2. Get on your personal ‘Power Path’

I believe that the most potent form personal power comes from having a deep sense of PURPOSE.  Your purpose might be to find a happy relationship, to get to the next level at work, to finish your education or to achieve your sporting ambition. Whatever your purpose, one thing is for sure – POWER and PURPOSE go hand in hand. A word of warning though, once you’re on your own purpose path, DO NOT DIVERT! That doesn’t mean you can’t stop and have a friendly chat along the way, or indeed relax and enjoy the scenery, but the truth is that if you DIVERT from your path for others, you will experience a personal power DRAIN.

3. Find the heroine inside of you  

This may sound silly to some, but I believe in the power of Heroines. For Millennia the Hero narrative has motivated men to achieve great (and sometimes not so great things), but for women, Heroines have been much harder to come by. I believe the Heroine narrative is important to your personal power as it inspires you to be action-orientated and to take CONTROL of your own destiny and journey. As Hollywood Director and screen writer Nora Ephron said ‘Be the Heroine of your own life, not the victim’.

We hear a lot in the media about role models but I love to talk about Heroines. Recently, I have found young women like Olympic cyclist Laura Trott and gymnast Simone Biles very heroine-like as they are women who have stayed on their own path with a deep sense of purpose and achieved great things. Similarly I love Heroine movies, like ‘Wild’ starring Reese Witherspoon and now Star Wars with ‘Rey’ and Jennifer Lawrence in ‘Joy’. And let’s not forget our real life heroines such as Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton and Angela Merkel, all on their own heroic journeys.

4. Create your own instant power surge with a Playlist!

Music inspires us all and I remember walking through the revolving doors of an investment bank with Destiny’s child ‘Survivor’ blasting on my I-Pod to boost my power. As my final tip, I thought I would share some of my go-to power songs with you. These songs are for those moments when you need a quick power surge for your all-important interview, meeting or sporting competition. Enjoy and LIVE POWERFULLY! 🙅🏻😎 … Natasha x

My Power Playlist for YOU

Fight Song – Rachel Platten

Girl on Fire – Alicia Keys & Nicki Minaj

Survivor – Destiny’s Child

ROAR – Kay Perry

Don’t stop me now – Queen

One Republic- Loves Runs out

Domino – Jessie J

ANYTHING from Star Wars – I play the theme tune to the Force Awakens when I want to feel really powerful and I imagine Rey striding across the universe as a force for good. MTFBWY 👊🏻