Pink premium

Could this be the beginning of the end for the ‘Pink Premium’ for ‘female’ products as Boots the chemist agrees to equal prices for personal care products?

Stevie Wise, from London started a petition on addressed to Boot’s CEO Simon Roberts urging Boots ‘lead the way by announcing a review of their pricing of women’s toiletries and making a commitment to charge men and women fairly.’
In response, the company admitted that two of its own-brand products – disposable razors and Botanics eye roll ons – were priced differently for men and women, and added that it was taking action to change this. A spokesperson for Boots UK said in a statement: “At Boots UK, we have never operated a pricing system that discriminates against women so we were surprised and disappointed to see recent examples in the press that did not reflect our own standards.’

This was a great result for Stevie and a positive response from Boots, showing that when we challenge the gendered status quo, positive outcomes can result. Now, we admit that pink is one of our favourite colours but I’m not sure we are prepared to pay more for it! Email us at with your thoughts on the Pink Premium.