Thursday, May 25, 2017


Boys suffer gender based bullying too

gender based bullying
Boys are being subjected to gender based bullying from groups of girls who hide the bullying behind the ‘harmless’ banner of ‘Banter’ according to a new report. Read the Telegraph article here.

My life as a Stay at Home Dad – (Part 2)

Stay at Home Dad
Welcome to Part 2 of our Jel Edwards interview about his life as a Stay at Home Dad. Jel is Dad to  6 year old Myla and 4 year old Ruben and this week he talks about how being a full time parent has affected his marriage and how he sees the future for...

My life as a Stay at Home Dad (Part 1)

Stay at Home Dad
Jel Edwards is a stay at home Dad in Brighton and has a daughter Myla, 6 and a son, Reuben, 4. He has been a Stay at Home Dad for most of the last 5 years. We talk to him about his life and his experiences. Q1.Tell us a little bit about your decision to be...

The Disney Princess – look who’s talking

The jaw-dropping success of Disney’s 2013, smash hit ‘Frozen’ and it’s female star Elsa, had us all heralding a new kind of Disney Princess - fearless and powerful in her own right. with an independent spirit and determination to be her true self. This is progress! or so I thought, until a friend of...

What is advertising really saying to your kids?

Kids are bombarding by advertising from an early age. But what are advertisers really saying to your kids? Click on this video to find out..

Genderbuzz on House Husbands

house husbandsvideo
How we talk about men who stay at home and look after children matters. Hear what I have to say about masculinity and fathers who stay home to bring up children.

Watch what kids think about the gender pay gap!

gender pay gapvideo
Genderbuzz just loves this video. Watch and see how these kids in Australia and New Zealand react when confronted with the realities of the gender pay gap in their world.

Men are not from Mars & Women are not from Venus

gender stereotypes
Gender stereotypes - sigh. How often have you heard the phrase ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’, to casually explain differences between men and women based on our gender? Pretty often I bet, as these words stormed into the English language back in 1992 when Dr. John Gray published his phenomenally successful...

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