Thursday, May 25, 2017

smart-woman-inc_rgb is our flagship success coaching program for women who want to be champions in life. Our course powers you to greater success in both your career and in your personal relationships by targeting the key skills and behaviours that NO ONE ever taught you at school or college. Skills such as how to build watertight self-esteem and mental toughness so no one can EVER knock you down. Skills such as how to give and receive criticism so you can use that knowledge as your personal growth strategy. Smart Woman Inc will teach you how to grow your personal power and confidence through visualisation and voice, and how to negotiate great outcomes for yourself by being brave and claiming what you deserve.

success coaching women

Smart Woman Inc. was designed and created by Natasha Stromberg, founder and CEO of Genderbuzz® and she is passionate about sharing the skills and behaviours she learnt during her 20 years in International Finance and throughout her personal life, with YOU! Natasha is a successful business woman, qualified Life Coach, and digital entrepreneur and through her Smart Woman Inc. coaching she shows you how to reach for heights you never thought possible.

Sign me up for Smart Woman Inc. SUCCESS! Whether you’re a company decision maker who wants your female workforce to enjoy greater success, a female business owner or entrepreneur who wants to take your life and business to the next level, or a independent, modern woman who wants to live your most successful life, Smart Woman Inc. helps you to release your inner Champion.

Yes, I want to be a Champion in my life!