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Keep claiming your success!

There’s a weird trend going on at the Rio 2016 Olympics, namely women not getting credit for their OWN success. First, we had world champion gymnast and winner of THREE gold medals Simone Biles, referred to as ‘The female Michael Phelps’, then we had FOUR TIME USA swimming gold medalist Katie Ledecky referred to in the same way as she raced into the record books, next up we had Britain’s women’s rowing team who won an unprecedented silver referred to as the ‘aperitif for the men’s rowing gold’ and to top it all off, last night BBC commentator John Inverdale, totally ERASED Venus and Serena Williams’ 4 gold Olympic medals when he told Andy Murray that he was the first person to win 2 gold tennis medals. Yep that’s right, he TOTALLY BLANKED Venus and Serena’s success in the same sport! Epic Fail.

The awesome Simone Biles, confidently slammed the idea that she is some how a ‘ version’ of someone else saying ‘I’m not the next Usain Bolt, or Michael Phelps, I’m the first Simone Biles’ and Andy Murray shot back at the BBC reporter with Serena and Venus’ outstanding achievements. However women’s achievements are often put in the context of what a man has achieved which is why here at Genderbuzz we don’t want successes in your life mentioned in the context of ANYONE else. READ ON for our top tips on how to CLAIM what is rightfully yours!

No 1.   SAY how good you are

It may feel a bit strange at first but when you actually CLAIM your achievements by stating them, it shows the world that you mean business and in turn, that means more opportunity, and greater success for YOU. Let’s take the example of U.K Prime Minister, Theresa May when she launched her bid as Conservative Party leader, who said simply ‘I’m Theresa May and I think I’m the best person for the job’. Confident in her ability yes, confident in saying it – Oh yeah!

 No. 2.  Take the credit AND the accolades

When you achieve something great, be sure to put it down to your own efforts and talents. If you drove the project, made sure it was in on time, even led the team, then YOU made the project succeed. Acknowledging the support and contribution of others is important, but taking the credit for the effort you made and the talent YOU have is essential. Soak up the accolades!

No 3.   Your success isn’t down to ‘luck’, it’s down to YOUR OWN hard work

How many times, have you heard people say ‘I’ve been lucky or I’ve been so blessed’, – many – right? But the fact is that your success is rarely dependent on luck or mystic manipulations. You will have been building the foundation of your success for many, many years. Hours of school work, years of slogging away at exams, training for hours in the gym or on the court, or practicing that instrument or song. Whatever skill YOU had, you practiced it, you put in the effort, you perfected it. So focus on FACTS not FICTION and OWN your success and the rewards that come with it.

As the Olympics continue, we’ll be keeping an eye on all the comments that try to dismiss women’s achievements and chatting them right back on for you on Twitter but you can start claiming your success today with our top tips!

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