Wednesday, June 28, 2017


How Empiric recruitment are getting Girls into Tech

Who is the company behind 'Next Tech Girls'? 'Next Tech Girls' is the brainchild of Recruiter Empiric, and was set up with the key objective of getting girls interested in working in the booming UK Tech sector by giving them meaningful work experience. Empiric has always been passionate about diversity and inclusion and by embracing D&I...

Becoming a Female Electrician

Are you interested in becoming a Female Electrician? NICEIC is the UK’s leading voluntary regulatory body for the electrical contracting industry. which has been assessing the electrical competence of electricians for nearly sixty years. In 2011, they launched their initiative 'Jobs for the Girls' to attract more women into training to be electricians. Watch what...

Amelia Gould-Leading the way for Female Engineers

Female Engineers
Amelia Gould is Head of Engineering at BAE Systems, Combat systems and a former Officer in the Royal Navy. Today, she talks to Genderbuzz® about her life as an Engineer and how she hopes to inspire the next generation of Female Engineers with her achievements.  Amelia, describe a typical day for you as Head of...

Let’s be FRANK about the UK’s Gender Pay Gap

adjusted gender pay gap
If you're a working woman, like me, then you will no doubt have heard a LOT about the gender pay gap, and, like me, I'm sure you think it's unfair and just flat-out WRONG. However, when you hear conflicting voices in the media and at work, saying that the gender pay gap 'simply does not...

The story behind the Genderbuzz® brand

Natasha Stromberg, Founder Genderbuzz
was officially launched as a brand in July 2016, but our CEO and Founder, Natasha Stromberg has been passionate about gender equality for years - she just wasn't sure how to turn her thoughts into a BUSINESS. In this interview with Kameleon Marketing she talks about her journey from her initial idea to creating a...

McKinsey ‘Women in the Workplace’ Report

Women in the Workplace and McKinsey Group have published their 2016 'Women in the Workplace' report looking at how women advance in corporate America. is at the forefront of the workplace gender equality movement and their report makes for interesting reading for both company executives and female employees. Here at Genderbuzz®, we know you're interested in reading...

Why our HOMES are the 21st Century Business Hubs

Home Business Hub
The rise and rise of the high-tech Home Business Hub, and the entrepreneurial family - by Linzi Boyd It is interesting to see how the world has shifted. Is it plausible that the Mums of today are the first generation of women who are, in more ways than one, running the household? The old-fashioned phrase...

Why it’s time our workplaces became ‘girl-free’ zones

I would be a wealthy woman if I had a £/$/Euro for every time I have heard a grown adult women referred to as a girl in the workplace. Yet I have never heard an adult man referred to as a ‘boy’. In today’s post I look at why the word ‘girl’ is still...

Why Leadership is a QUALITY not a gender

In the course of my job as a coach and gender equality expert, I find it fascinating to hear views on how successful women are perceived in the workplace.  A couple of week’s ago at a conference, it struck me how far we still have to go in challenging our perceptions of women in...

We ask. Do gender job stereotypes still exist?

It's 2016 and we think that gender stereotyped jobs are a thing of the past. But are they? Watch this video to see what researchers on the street found out.

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