Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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The story behind the Genderbuzz® brand

Natasha Stromberg, Founder Genderbuzz
was officially launched as a brand in July 2016, but our CEO and Founder, Natasha Stromberg has been passionate about gender equality for years - she just wasn't sure how to turn her thoughts into a BUSINESS. In this interview with Kameleon Marketing she talks about her journey from her initial idea to creating a...

It’s time to make our 1950’s workplaces extinct and for CEOs to lead from the front on Gender Equality

Dear John, Andrew and Andy.... The archetypal profile of a CEO in Britain’s top 100 firms is male, white British and almost 55 years old. In addition, he is likely to be called Andrew, Andy or John. In fact there are more CEO’s called Andrew or Andy (7%) then there are female CEOs in total...

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