Genderbuzz Responds to U.K Treasury Select Committee on ‘Women in Finance’

Women in Finance
Read the Genderbuzz response to the U.K Treasury Select Committee's Inquiry about 'Women in Finance' and why there are still so few women in senior positions in City Firms and in banking and Finance in general. Our response was jointly submitted with Lauren Chiren from 'Women of a certain stage' and Jessica Chivers of 'The Talentkeeper specialists'...

My transformation from office wallflower to speaking up like a DIVA!

Public speaking skills
Hi Genderbuzzers! My name’s Shola Kaye and I run a public speaking company called ‘Speak Up like a Diva’.  I'm also the author of the book How to be a DIVA at public speaking.  However, my professional life was once VERY different and I want to share my story with you of how my first job...

Are you a Genderbuzz woman?

Genderbuzz woman
Are you a female-led business or a female freelancers? Join our growing business community today by listing your business and find new markets and customers for your product or service.

Hattie Hasan – How I built an army of women plumbers and a successful business

Women Plumbers
Hi Genderbuzzers, my name is Hattie Hasan and I am the founder of Stopcocks a company of Women Plumbers and heating Engineers based in the foothills of the Pennines in the U.K and this is my story: Back in the day .... In 1990 I decided to reinvent myself from teacher to plumber. I was fed...