Wednesday, August 16, 2017

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Joanne Eve on How To Make Stronger Decisions

In this Coaching Hub video, life coach Joanne Eve helps you to make stronger decisions. First take your time, do some fact finding (don't always listen to other's opinions), write down the pros' and cons and perhaps the most important thing, trust your intuition! Watch and be empowered!

Too Busy To Market Your Small Business? Here Are 6 Tips To Get Some Focus…

By Karan Hopper, Kameleon Marketing - Marketing Consultant for small businesses.   As a female small business owner, fighting to make a difference and grow your business (whilst probably juggling husbands, partners, kids and a ton of housework) undoubtedly marketing features fairly high on your list of priorities. But, with time a precious commodity for us...

I CAN Get Job Satisfaction by Joanne Eve

Joanne Eve Coaching
Welcome to the 1st of Joanne Eve’s Monthly coaching corners. We are thrilled to have Joanne on board sharing her wisdom and coaching expertise with you – our outstanding female entrepreneurial community. This month, Joanne is sharing a coaching session with us about Job satisfaction and how we can all go about getting ourselves...

Cultivating Confidence by Joanne Eve

As part of our Coaching Hub and the first in a series of life coaching videos produced exclusively for Genderbuzz and #connecttoher members, Joanne Eve discusses "cultivating confidence". Watch it now and get confident!

Living Powerfully Is Your Game-Changer by Natasha Stromberg

I don’t know about you, but I think the word POWER has got an image problem. When you hear the word, do you think of sharp suited men and women in steel and glass boardrooms, strutting around and shouting at each other? Well you're not alone, because for many people THIS is their predominant...

Why Self Confidence Is The Foundation Of Success In Life & Work

self confidence
At its very core of is my desire to help individuals and organisations put self-confidence and empowering behaviours at the heart of everything they do and say, and to watch as their workplaces and lives transform as a result. So what do I mean by ‘self-confidence’? We are bombarded by the idea that we need...

Why Being Authentic Is Your Secret To Success

Authentic has been a buzzword in business over the last 12 months, but what does it actually mean? When I checked the dictionary definition words such as ‘genuineness’, ‘realness’ and ‘truthfulness’ appeared– so far, so straightforward. However, as a coach, my own definition of goes further than that and I define authentic as ‘behaving...

Is it Time to Beat a Hasty Retreat? by Jenny Garrett

New York Times Best Selling Author Barbara de Angelis said Women need moments of solitude to balance how much of themselves they giveaway. Do you agree? When was the last time you had some quality me time? I don't mean falling asleep in front of the TV after having a glass of wine, but real...

If You’re A People Pleaser, You’re Damaging Your Health AND Your Career by Natasha Stromberg

People pleaser
People pleaser definition My definition of being a people pleaser is ‘Doing something for someone else that somehow feels unfair, does not sit well with you, but that you do anyway. And on top of that you do it out of a fear of not being ‘liked’ or ‘approved ‘ of. If you’ve had that queasy...

How images shape your ideas about gender

Whether you like it or not, images shape your ideas about gender Images shape your ideas about gender; just try doing a Google image search on 'masculine' and 'feminine'. The image results are strikingly different, reflecting society’s perception of gender. We’re all influenced by a wide variety of factors: family, school, peer groups and of course...

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