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Why should YOU list on the Genderbuzz Directory?
Natasha SttombergI want you and your business to list on our Directory to make Genderbuzz® THE go-to site for Female-led businesses and female-talent so that no-one has any excuse to say they cannot source female talent or find female-led businesses. We want to get you more buyers for your services and also help you find female-led services for your life. We do that by pooling our talent, our energy and our voices and making Female-led and Female-owned businesses stand out online.  We’re a vibrant community of (mainly) women, helping each other to succeed and being inspired by each other’s achievements.
I get out of bed everyday and think about how I can help women like us become wealthier by doing something we love and something we’re good at. I believe that our female talent is currently underused and undervalued, and my driving desire to create wealth for us, by bringing the spotlight onto our brilliant female-led businesses, is at the very core of the Genderbuzz brand.
How to get the most out of your listing – Tips and Tricks

In order for your business to appear in search results on the Directory and for customers to find you easily, the following steps are key to when you submit your listing:

  1. Your business must be 50% led or 50% owned by a woman to list on the Genderbuzz Directory
  2. List your services in the correct CATEGORY. If you have doubts about which CATEGORY your business falls into, email us and we’ll help you
  3. Think about the KEYWORDS your customers will use to find you and put them in the ‘Your Key word’ box. Always separate each key word with a comma. The Directory search engine uses the key words to search for your services so if you don’t have the correct key words then no-one will find you!
  4. Please always include a photo of yourself and your business logo. We find that photos of business owners together with their logo, engenders trust amongst our community and unfortunately, listings submitted without a photo cannot be accepted.
  5. Describe your business to potential buyers by giving them a flavour of what you do, what actual services you are selling and what your company does differently. YOU need to make your company stand out and this part of the listing is your chance to shine!
  6. Unfortunately user listings are not currently editable after submission by users themselves and will be done by our admin. So if you take your time and get your listing right FIRST time that will really help our limited resources!
  7. Genderbuzz has a cruelty-free ethos and does not accept listing submissions from non cruelty-free beauty brands or brands owned by parent companies who test their products on animals. Due to lack of resources to research the origins of beauty products, beauty companies who wish to list with us, must be using products certified with easily identifiable cruelty-free symbols such as the ‘Cruelty-free International’ leaping bunny symbol or the ‘Vegan‘ approved symbol. Genderbuzz is also a fur-free zone and leather-free listings site. We are striving to create a more compassionate world and that includes kindness to animals, we hope you will join us in that ethos.

Thank you and I can’t wait to see your brilliant businesses listed with Genderbuzz . Natasha

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3D-VA Virtual Assistant
Virtual Assistant Office Support - Dedicated. Detailed. Dependable.

My aim is to help small business to grow by taking what you can’t do, don’t have time to do or just don’t want to do. Helping to identify pinch points and working to save time and take the pressure off.

As a Virtual Assistant, I provide business support such as dealing with your paperwork, invoicing your clients and maintaining your Customer Relationship Management (CRM). I can produce standardised branded documents or proof read your writing and create detailed spreadsheet reports to benefit your company.

At 3D-VA, I work to help enable you to do what you love to do, to run your business, by taking the day-to-day office work off your hands. What work do you have that you would love someone else to take care of?

Visit my website, for more information.

Advancing Your Potential
Advancing Your Potential
20-22 Wenlock Road
United Kingdom
Women Focused Soft Skills & Leadership Training as well as Executive Career Coaching.

Hi, I'm Hira from 'Advancing Your Potential'. I will give you the wings to soar to great heights of success, satisfaction & power in your profession. I help you get clear on the strategies to become the leader you know you can be. With me by your side, you will let go of all limiting beliefs and learn to fly.

Over the past decade I have had the privilege of training & coaching hundreds of people belonging to various professions, cadres, ethnicities and across a wide range of industries with a 98% above average rating review. From teachers to students, from corporates to police officials & CIA agents, from business owners to students, my target audience has been quite diverse. I attribute my success in training and professional coaching to my intense belief in infinite human potential and the ability to adapt and relate to individuals from diverse backgrounds at an intellectual and emotional level.

Genuine interest in people complemented by live-heartedness and candor enables me to reach out to people and impact them positively. An accredited member of the International Coach Federation and Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming,

My  Leadership & Coaching articles have been widely acclaimed and have been featured in The International Coach Federation, The Huffington Post, Thrive Global as well as Ellevate Network with thousands of reads and shares (a few of them have been shared by Arianna Huffington herself) I have also been featured in several podcast interviews for the work I do and have been invited at various forums to talk on Leadership and Personal Development topics. These interviews and talks have inspired many listeners worldwide. My  self & career development podcast 8 Minutes of Learning With Hira Ali has been featured in the Huff Post amongst the top 100 rising podcasts accepting guests.

I am a registered coach and mentor at various organizations in London such as NHS & Mentor2mentees & Cherie Blair Foundation

I am extremely passionate about women empowerment and extensively train  and coach high-performing, corporate career women. Having trained and coached women in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, US, Canada and Australia, I have earned the title of an International Coach & Trainer for Women in Leadership. In my upcoming book and career membership site The Career Exceler For Enterprising Women -exclusively targeted towards career women I highlight the career challenges faced by women globally and the cultural implications of the latter.​and can be contacted at

Some of the words used by leading podcasters and interviewers to describe Hira; an 'International Hero', 'Wow Woman', 'Woman Extraordinaire', ' Real Life Entrepreneur', 'Thought Leader', 'Trail Blazer' 'Woman on Fire', 'Inspirational' & 'Badass'

AG architecture studio
44 disraeli crescent
high Wycombe


We assess client needs and requirements in order to deliver design solutions within a sustainable environment. We work with the client throughout each stage of the design process in order to provide the very best design which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

I help female entrepreneurs, ngos and social businesses to grow as a result of a brand image and content that sets them apart in their category.

My client has a vision to achieve, an idea of a customer and an offer. Through research I can support the vision and through content and branding I can express it online to turn it into a relevant presence that appeals to its audience.

50 Taunton Road, London
SE12 8QB
, ,
I am passionate about social media, SEO, and websites. Finding out about a business, their goals and tailoring a service that will get the maximum impact from their budget.

I am a freelancer based in SE London working remotely for clients managing the day to day running of their social media, optimising and creating websites. My monthly reports are easy to read and track the performance of your business online.

020 8265 2324