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Why should YOU list on the Genderbuzz Directory?
Natasha SttombergI want you and your business to list on our Directory to make Genderbuzz® THE go-to site for Female-led businesses and female-talent so that no-one has any excuse to say they cannot source female talent or find female-led businesses. We want to get you more buyers for your services and also help you find female-led services for your life. We do that by pooling our talent, our energy and our voices and making Female-led and Female-owned businesses stand out online.  We’re a vibrant community of (mainly) women, helping each other to succeed and being inspired by each other’s achievements.
I get out of bed everyday and think about how I can help women like us become wealthier by doing something we love and something we’re good at. I believe that our female talent is currently underused and undervalued, and my driving desire to create wealth for us, by bringing the spotlight onto our brilliant female-led businesses, is at the very core of the Genderbuzz brand.
How to get the most out of your listing – Tips and Tricks

In order for your business to appear in search results on the Directory and for customers to find you easily, the following steps are key to when you submit your listing:

  1. Your business must be 50% led or 50% owned by a woman to list on the Genderbuzz Directory
  2. List your services in the correct CATEGORY. If you have doubts about which CATEGORY your business falls into, email us and we’ll help you hello@genderbuzz.com
  3. Think about the KEYWORDS your customers will use to find you and put them in the ‘Your Key word’ box. Always separate each key word with a comma. The Directory search engine uses the key words to search for your services so if you don’t have the correct key words then no-one will find you!
  4. Please always include a photo of yourself and your business logo. We find that photos of business owners together with their logo, engenders trust amongst our community and unfortunately, listings submitted without a photo cannot be accepted.
  5. Describe your business to potential buyers by giving them a flavour of what you do, what actual services you are selling and what your company does differently. YOU need to make your company stand out and this part of the listing is your chance to shine!
  6. Unfortunately user listings are not currently editable after submission by users themselves and will be done by our admin. So if you take your time and get your listing right FIRST time that will really help our limited resources!
  7. Genderbuzz has a cruelty-free ethos and does not accept listing submissions from non cruelty-free beauty brands or brands owned by parent companies who test their products on animals. Due to lack of resources to research the origins of beauty products, beauty companies who wish to list with us, must be using products certified with easily identifiable cruelty-free symbols such as the ‘Cruelty-free International’ leaping bunny symbol or the ‘Vegan‘ approved symbol. Genderbuzz is also a fur-free zone and leather-free listings site. We are striving to create a more compassionate world and that includes kindness to animals, we hope you will join us in that ethos.

Thank you and I can’t wait to see your brilliant businesses listed with Genderbuzz . Natasha

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Blackwood Consultants Ltd
23 Austin Friars
Corporate and Personal wellbeing - therapeutic coaching, counselling, personal consultancy, psychotherapy and training. We also work with companies to advise on reviewing and implementing wellbeing and performance strategies.

Blackwood Consultants specialise in offering therapeutic services to companies and individuals. Our consultants have experience working in dynamic and demanding industries and are qualified and well respected psychotherapists and coaches. We're passionate about combining these disciplines to help people feel great and perform well. We work with individuals and with companies. We call our service Personal Consultancy.

We are based in the City of London, we work throughout the south-east and internationally.Our clients needs are complex, so we pride ourselves on being flexible as well as capable. Whether working with a rapidly expanding start-up, or an established blue-chip company, Blackwood Consultants will partner with your firm and provide expertise and support where and how you need. Some clients approach us for therapeutic coaching services, some for training, others to help local H.R. teams in putting together a holistic wellbeing package across a firm. Whatever your needs, we stand ready to help and to work to a budget.

Why we do it

Blackwood is different. Our consultants are fully trained to integrate psychotherapy and coaching in a blend we call 'Personal Consultancy'. This, we believe, is the future of effective talking therapy. It enables us to help people 'fix their foundations' before 'building a house' on top of them. This is how true wellbeing is achieved and sustained, and if people feel great they perform well at work. We want both things and this is why we do what we do. We are excited to be at the forefront of this new approach to working with people, and excited to help you today.

0203 875 0943
Cambridge Finance
Cambridge Finance Ltd.
CB1 Business Centre
20 Station Road

Cambridge Finance are a leading provider of premium real estate financial training and financial modelling solutions. We specialise in practical real estate finance and financial modelling training and bespoke real estate financial model development.

Cambridge Finance is a leading provider of premium real estate finance training and financial modelling solutions. We specialise in professional real estate education and aim to address the knowledge gap between the theoretical framework and the practical application of property finance worldwide. Founded in January 2016, Cambridge Finance deliver bespoke courses to international investment banks, real estate investment companies and several property and surveying practices.

We focus on the application of financial theories to your work life, delivering the best return on your training investment. Our courses are created with practitioners in mind and because we are part of the real estate community, we understand what you need to know.
Our clients’ comments speak for themselves. We train global banks, investment institutions, surveying companies and independent developers.

+44 (0) 1223 653 135
Emma Hare Photography
Having a commercial background and a strength in understanding and relating to people and their business needs, I am able to create photos that truly represent you and /or your business, be it for marketing, PR, headshots or your personal life.

A lifestyle photographer with a documentary approach and preference for natural and available light, I specialise in creative, personal and relaxed photography. To discuss any aspect of what you are looking for and how it might work, just get in touch for an informal chat.
83 Ducie Street

M1 2JQ
Equality Pays is a coaching and mentoring service for women who are ready to take control of their financial destiny.

Women face the gender pay gap, pregnancy and maternity discrimination and societal messages that tell us that money is not for women. The money stories that we obtain make our relationship with money difficult to break from.

But as many women face financial challenges in their lives (supporting families, divorce, widowhood etc.) it's more important than ever to empower ourselves with confidence and knowledge around how to manage our money.

I help women close the money confidence gap through workshops, coaching and e-courses.

Michelle Gyimah is the Director of Equality Pays.

Michelle has over 10 years’ experience as an gender equality specialist working at the Equality and Human Rights Commission and holds a Masters in Human Rights from The University of Manchester.

Michelle is a regular contributor to numerous national business magazines, international conferences and lives in Manchester, UK.

Exceptional Events
Exceptional Events are not a simple ‘Party Planner’. We create personal, bespoke and luxury experiences that define your most important occasions.

Whether you’re looking for just a bit of guidance in planning your own event or are interested in our complete bespoke luxury event planning services, we look forward to hearing from you.

Exceptional Events will plan your entire luxury event from end to end, overseeing the complete delivery of every
individual luxury experience in detail, thus ensuring you, our exclusive VIP client, are able to sit back, relax and enjoy every minute of your event.

You’ll never need fret about any of the minute details like ensuring you’ve got the right clothing or any of the common event stress-points like speaking in public. Our goal is to alleviate all pressures from your shoulders so you can simply enjoy yourself.

Whatever you are planning - a wedding, a birthday celebration, special holiday, anniversary or corporate hospitality event - the team at Exceptional Events will orchestrate the perfect occasion on your behalf.

+44 (0)203 417 4125