Digital Content Creation

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PlanetRVN – Digital Content Creator
London, Hertfordshire, Kent
N10 1NY
As an award winning content creator I can teach you how to write successful blogs and create your own content for a variety of platforms. Blogs, vlogs, social media posts and more can be created by you and let you share your message with the world.

We all need to have a voice on the web for business or personal reasons – the options for how to share your voice can seem endless and overwhelming. I am a digital content creator and can help you with that.

I have been getting paid for blogging for over 6 years and am one of the most popular bloggers in my industry. In 2017 I won an innovation award for my use of #planetrvn in creating content across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Are you looking to create content for a website or boost your SEO with a blog?

Let me guide you through where to share, what to share and how to share by helping you with platform choices as well as improving your confidence in creating your own content to share. I can help you with getting words on paper, editing and finding your voice. I didn’t start out as a writer, but am one now! Book coming in 2018!

Do you want to make more of a splash in the ever widening pool of social media?

Blogs, vlogs, academic writing, longer projects and short attention grabbing social media posts – you can learn to create them all with my help. Stay safe with copyright, use pictures and videos to their best ability, share your story – let me help you!

Masterclasses are available to help you as a one off or to support a project or ongoing support for regular social media posts.

07983 572843