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Natural for Baby
Natural for Baby, 78 Balham High Road, London, SW12 9AG
SW12 9AG
Natural for Baby is a shop which is owned and run by Elizabeth. Elizabeth opened this shop in 2014 as a Franchisee, but now runs it as a fully Independent shop.

Everything in the shop is made with organic or natural materials and ethically made or handmade.
Ethics of EJ Ltd T/A Natural for Baby

At ‘Natural for Baby’, You will find Baby and Toddler Gifts and Essentials, so whether you need some Moses Basket Sheets as you have just run out, are looking for a gift for a new baby or a birthday present or are buying for a baby on the way, pop in and see what’s here.

Clothes, Toys, bedding and more are made with organic cotton, muslins are made with organic cotton and bamboo, there are toys made with sustainable wood and more. From a Morning Sickness Balm to a Nursery Furniture set, there are small and large items.

As many items as possible are either ethically made or are handmade and are made in great environmental conditions. Whether you love what is cute, love what is neutral, want something practical, love the environment or are looking for the best quality items with no nasty chemicals for a baby or toddler, discover a huge range here!

020 8673 2672