Dee Fagg

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3D-VA Virtual Assistant
Virtual Assistant Office Support – Dedicated. Detailed. Dependable.

My aim is to help small business to grow by taking what you can’t do, don’t have time to do or just don’t want to do. Helping to identify pinch points and working to save time and take the pressure off.

As a Virtual Assistant, I provide business support such as dealing with your paperwork, invoicing your clients and maintaining your Customer Relationship Management (CRM). I can produce standardised branded documents or proof read your writing and create detailed spreadsheet reports to benefit your company.

At 3D-VA, I work to help enable you to do what you love to do, to run your business, by taking the day-to-day office work off your hands. What work do you have that you would love someone else to take care of?

Visit my website, for more information.