Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Natasha Stromberg
Natasha Stromberg, Founder of Genderbuzz®

Gender Equality is a HOT TOPIC which never fails to get your audience talking, Tweeting or phoning in! So why not get our CEO and Gender Equality Expert, Natasha Stromberg on your TV or radio show to add to the conversation?

Natasha is an expert in the gender equality field and has appeared live on BBC Radio Sussex daytime show and recently launched her own You Tube channel. She is a regular contributor to print and digital media on the subject of 50/50 equal workplaces and is fast becoming the go-to expert for 50/50 gender equal living. If you want lively discussions and plenty of facts and opinions, book Natasha for your show today!! As heard on and seen in:

radio sussex73x73
Huffington Post UK
Huffington Post UK

Yes, we need a gender equality expert for our show?