Friday, August 18, 2017
Natasha Stromberg
Natasha Stromberg, Founder of Genderbuzz®

Do you need a leading gender equality expert to speak at your event? Are you looking for someone who can engage your delegates and have audiences raving about your conference long after it’s over? Then you need to book our founder and CEO, Natasha Stromberg!

Natasha is a trailblazer in the gender equality field and is not afraid to state her opinions on how men and women, and families can benefit from 50/50 gender equal lifestyles.

Natasha is an experienced and inspiring panelist who speaks at diversity events and women’s network meetings. She works across a broad range of industries including Commercial property, Banking, Asset Management, Architecture and Defence. Natasha’s passion for gender equality and 50/50 lifestyles shines through in her speeches, leaving you and your audience feeling inspired to make positive changes and undertake concrete actions. Natasha is proudly working with:

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